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VIDEO: Egyptian couple launch taxi service for pets

A dog enjoys a taxi ride in Cairo.

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Every human being knows what pampering means. It gives you the kind of self-importance unleashed, a peculiar sense of unimaginable satisfaction.

This just does not apply to children or adults, even animals get that treatment. That is why pets these days have become fashionable, like their owners, and even undergo grooming at special beauty parlours.

One couple from Egypt have taken this interpretation to a new level. They have launched a taxi service for — hold your breath — pets, according to the media reports.

This just does not entail taking your cat or pooch to the veterinary for any kind of checkup or whatever. It's nice to see or imagine your mutt hailing a taxi because it does not like going walking to the park.

A dog commutes in a taxi in Cairo.

It's sheer ego-boosting to stratospheric levels. After all, if humans can get this kind of treatment, why not pet animals?

Who knows, they might even start an Uber-style service for your canine or feline favourites. Now, that's a purrfect idea!

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