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70-year-old Jordanian obtains secondary school certificate after 48 years

Saleh Khalil 1

Saleh Khalil Hijazeen poses for a photograph.

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A 70-year-old Jordanian has achieved his dream of obtaining the secondary school certificate after 48 years through 6 attempts.


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Saleh Khalil Hijazeen explained that the average he obtained would enable him to move to another stage of education.

He also revealed that his first attempt to pass the scientific high school exam was in 1973, but failed so he tried again in 1979 in the literary stream, but also failed.

He then tried again in 1981, and 1990 but failed.

Maya Al 1 Maya Al-Jadaan.

In 2003, he and his son sat for the exam, but he failed and his son went through, so he decided to stop his attempts in 2003.

Hijazeen said he would not stop seeking science throughout his life.

Maya Al-Jadaan

In another extraordinary incident, Maya Al-Jadaan stated that she studied Braille with the help of her mother, an Islamic education teacher.

She was confident that she would get an excellent grade.

Al-Jadaan indicated that she faced difficulty in studying “financial culture” due to the lack of a copy for the visually impaired, but she nevertheless achieved a full mark in the subject.

Al-Jadaan said, “I aspire to join the language majors at the university and continue my higher studies.

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