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VIDEO: Orangutan wears woman’s sunglasses after they fall into zoo enclosure in Indonesia

Orangutan glasses 1

A combo image shows Orangutan wears sunglasses.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

A video of an orangutan sporting sunglasses is doing the rounds on social media platforms.

The primate was seen trying on a woman’s pair of sunglasses after they fell into the enclosure at a Taman Safari zoo in Indonesia.


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The sunglasses were accidentally dropped by Lola Testu at the enclosure.

Testu later shared the video of the incident on her TokTok account.

The video showed the orangutan approaching the sunglasses, and then she inspects them for some time and puts the glasses in her mouth.

It is now when she finally proceeds to sport them on in a fashionable manner.

This action drew huge applause from the crowds at the zoo.

A baby orangutan was also seen wanting to wear it as well but the mother orangutan batted the baby’s hand away from her glasses.

Social media users were quick to react to the viral video.

A Twitter user, Wendy, wrote, “Makes one wonder if given more opportunities what other human traits they'd be able to copy. Wonder if they could learn by watching to drive a car?”

Dr. Gemma Carney said, “I love this so much, please set up a charity which donates old sunglasses to Orangutans”

Stephen Cruise said, “Looks like Elton John…”

Thomas Hardy wrote on Twitter, “I love that new sunglasses feeling…”

Steve Barker wrote, “Once saw a video of Chimp shooting an AK47 assault rifle, so I am sure they would pick up our bad habits very quickly.”

A Twitter user with the name “Aerobaticman” said, “We must protect these wonderful intelligent creatures. Simply wonderful…”

Denise Donaldson said, “So like human adults. Won't let the little one play with them either. Amazing.

Taverino wrote, “The fact that she knew how to wear them, though! Watched it way too many times…”

However, in the end, one of the zookeepers persuaded the orangutan to swap the sunglasses in exchange for some leaves to chew on. 

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