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120-year-old Scottish castle up for sale for £1

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A general view of the castle.

Mostafa Al Zoubi, Gulf Today

Scotland's National Heritage authority announced that a historic 120-year-old castle on the remote inner island of Hebrid is up for sale, for £1.

In a statement, the authority said: "The Kinloch Castle is for sale for only £1, but with certain conditions. Any owner has to prove the ability to maintain the castle because it needs repairs worth £20 million. Also, he has to plan to improve the future of the island.”


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The dilapidated castle was once part of the 19th century Island and a favorite place for partying, deer hunting, and fishing.

castle sale 1 The castle needs repairs worth £20 million.

It was built by Sir George Bullough between 1897 and 1900.

The palace, with its red sandstone towers, still houses the last of the old musical instruments which need £50,000 to be restored.

The authority looks for a charitable organisation or private company to take over the castle, in case there is not a buyer.

A spokesperson said: “Our priority is to protect and conserve nature in Scotland, therefore, we work to find an owner who will maintain it.”

He added, "Any future owner needs to contribute to achieving three main goals: Securing the castle's preservation, contributing to the island's sustainability and enhancing nature, and reducing the castle's harmful impacts on the surrounding environment."

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