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Octopus with 36 arms discovered in Japan

Octopus 11

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Visitors tobthe Kogokushima Water Park in the Japanese city of Sasebo were stunned when they saw an octopus with 36 arms of different sizes, which it used to eat.


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According to zoo officials, a fisherman found the octopus in the waters off the city's Shikamachi neighbourhood in early June 2021, and the octopus's gender is still unknown.

In normal cases, the octopus has eight arms, which can diverge to other limbs and can also regenerate and develop into multiple limbs.

In this case, it is believed to be the product of a mutant regeneration of limbs bitten off by predators.

In 1998, at Japan’s Matoya Bay, a 96-legged octopus was captured.

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