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Vision problem in humans is linked to cognitive decline

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A new study conducted by scientists at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA revealed that vision problems are linked to an increased risk of cognitive decline (memory, attention and ability to learn) in the elderly.


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More than 1,200 people (average age of 71.1 years) were included in the study.

The health status of the participants was followed up for about seven years during which experts studied the relationship between vision and different cognitive abilities using several indicators like, decreased visual acuity, deterioration in contrast sensitivity, and deterioration in stereoscopic acuity.

Researchers found that every measure of visual impairment they studied was linked to lower mental performance in patients with vision problems, and deterioration in speech, memory and attention.

"Our results indicate there is a relationship between vision, eye health, and brain aging," the study authors said.

The study highlights the need to study the effects of vision and eye health interventions on human cognitive performance.

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