Man enters a flat, cleans it, pet the cat and realises he is in wrong apartment in New Jersey - GulfToday

Man enters a flat, cleans it, pets the cat and realises he is in wrong apartment in New Jersey


Louis Angelino III

Mostafa Al Zoubi, Gulf Today

A young couple from New Jersey discovered that a stranger broke into their house but did not steal anything.

He cleaned it and gave food for the cat and then left.

The media said the man, Louis Angelino III used to clean his friends' flats to make money and that he entered the flat which he thought was his friend Mark's.

Angelino asked Mark to leave the key of the flat under the mat and he found it on the place so he entered the flat and cleaned it.

He said on TikTok that when he ended up cleaning. He received a call from Mark asking if everything was fine and he replied that he was in the living room playing with the cat.

Mark told him he did not have a cat.

When the couple returned home they were surprised to find their flat had been cleaned.

After some time, Angelino called them and explained what happened.

After this story went viral on social media, Angelino received requests to clean many flats.

He said, “The incident may be the push I actually needed to develop my own business as a cleaner."



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