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Couple offers food to guests on the basis of gifts they bring


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Mostafa Al Zoubi, Gulf Today

There is no denying fact that the cost of marriages these days is getting out of bounds for low-income groups.

And if a recent invitation card, which went viral on social media, is to be believed then even attending a marriage is also going to be out of reach of low-earners.
According to the viral invitation card, a would-be couple has divided the guests into categories on the basis of the cost of their gift.

Once the guest informs the host couple about the gift they would bring, then only the host decides on the type of food to be provided to them.

Wedding guest categories

The invitation card goes on to explain each category of the guests.

Those with a $250 gift classified in the ‘Love Gift’ category will be served a grilled chicken meal.

Those with gifts priced between $251- $500 and categorised as “Silver Gift," can enjoy steaks and boiled salmon.

Guests with the “Golden Gift” of $501-$1,000 were offered fillet and Estakouza.

In the most expensive category the ‘Platinum Gift,’ valued between $1,001 and $2,500, guests were offered lobsters, vegetarian meals and other items.

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