VIDEO: This Eid, we have more than one reason to celebrate. We just turned 75 - GulfToday

VIDEO: This Eid, we have more than one reason to celebrate. We just turned 75

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Every Moser is thoughtfully crafted to offer an excellent styling experience.

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There is so much to celebrate this Eid. As the world pulls itself back up after a harrowing pandemic, this auspicious occasion holds a special significance for us at Moser, as we mark 75 years since our journey began.

Moser has been a mainstay of the grooming industry since 1946. A 20-member team led by the industrious engineer and entrepreneur Kuno Moser has today grown into a worldwide brand with a presence in over 100 countries, under Wahl GmbH.

As a leader in the Middle East’s professional grooming industry, Moser is proud to be an indispensable part of every special occasion. Helping people look and feel their best for the most important celebrations of their life is a mission that is close to our hearts.

Moser Li+Pro²

Moser 2 

Based and manufactured in Germany, Moser embodies the country’s legendary spirit of precision and innovation. Every element of their trimmers and clippers are carefully engineered to empower stylists and professionals to deliver a cut above the rest. Sleekly designed and streamlined exterior casings house powerful, efficient motors. Every Moser is truly a piece of engineering excellence.

Stars of the show

Every Moser is thoughtfully crafted to offer an excellent styling experience. But the Moser 1400 has proved to be the most coveted model of all. This iconic clipper has a cult following among stylists and professional barbers, thanks to its unbeatable precision and performance.

High-grade, precision-ground stainless steel blades in the 1400 make for safe yet effortless styling, while its silent-but-powerful oscillating armature rotary motor provides a seamless cut and experience. Featuring everything a stylist needs, it’s no wonder that this ubiquitous model has sold over 50 million units globally as of 2021.

Moser Li+Pro² line up

Moser 1

The LiPro2 and the LiPro2 Mini are close contenders when it comes to popularity. It features an intelligent display on a classic silhouette. The blade takes centre-stage here – the carbon-coated Diamond Blade stays razor sharp for years together.

The LiPro2 tactfully and easily handles all hair textures and is geared to help stylists perfect even the most intricate styles on any kind of hair.

Stellar quality, consistent performance

Moser trimmers and clippers are made in Germany and carry an assurance of quality. Every product is tested extensively for safety before it is sent out to the rest of the world.


When designing and manufacturing a product, Moser ensures that it is in line with their global standards of performance. From using excellent materials to ensuring exquisite craftsmanship, every stage of the process has been perfected over the years to give customers a world-class product that helps them elevate their grooming experience.

Over the last seven decades, Moser has upheld its tradition of maintaining only the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Moser 1400
The Original. 40 million sold globally

moser 4

MOSER is proud to be ISO 9001 & 14001 certified for quality management & environmental management, respectively.

Throughout the Middle East, Moser has made its mark. Today, ‘Moser’ is often used as a synonym for ‘clipper’! Like many Arab nations, Moser too has enjoyed rapid growth, fuelled by visionary leadership and a passion for excellence.

Grooming rituals are an important part of Middle-Eastern culture, and help people feel more confident about themselves. That’s why Moser has remained unwaveringly true to its mission of making this feeling equally accessible to everyone, by providing professional barbers a means to achieve clean cuts to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

The perfect pandemic-proof Eid gift

Moser’s wide range of clippers and trimmers cater to many audiences and pame the perfect Eid gift. There are easy-to-use home-use products for those who prefer to style from the comfort of their homes. Professional tools are designed for stylists and barbers who aim for precision and efficiency, without compromising on quality.

Moser Professional Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper with a user-friendly, intelligent display.

moser 45454

Gifting a Moser means that your loved ones can take extra steps to ensure their safety when visiting the barber or stylist. They can choose to carry their own Moser styling tool to the barber, ensuring that they will be the only person the trimmer or clipper ever comes into contact with. Easily available across the Middle East, you can even ask your barber for a recommendation on which tool will make the ideal gift.

Moser trimmers and clippers are designed to be cleaned and sanitized easily. After a grooming session, your loved ones can simply follow the instructions provided to clean their product and keep it ready for its next use.

A haircut is more than what it seems – it helps people feel great about themselves. This Eid Al Adha, gift a Moser and you will be gifting your loved ones the opportunity to build their confidence with a safe and hygienic way to continue visiting their stylist or barber.

Available for every kind of need and to suit every budget, shop for a Moser to show your loved ones that you truly care about their wellbeing.

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