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Princess Diana’s childhood bicycle is up for sale


A combo image shows Diana and her childhood bicycle.

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Princess Diana’s childhood bike has just gone up for auction.

A red Tracker bicycle belonging to the late Princess is being sold by East Bristol Auctions next week.

It’s expected to sell for between £20,000 and £30,000.

Diana used to ride the bike around her family’s estate in Althorp in the 1970s.

Diana A South American museum buys Diana's car for $73,000.

The red Tracker is said to be in an excellent condition.

Diana’s childhood housekeeper, Maudie Pendrey, once owned it.

It is also being sold alongside a Christmas card dated from 1994 that Diana sent to Ms Pendrey.

Trust Manufacturing Co made the bike.

dianadress1 Princess Diana dances with actor John Travolta in a midnight blue velvet dress.

It is a copy of the Raleigh Chopper bike, which was one of the most popular toys at the time.

The bicycle will be sold on 24 July at East Bristol’s Specialist Toy Collectors Auction.

In May, a blue bike used by Diana when she lived in London sold at an auction for £44,000.

Meanwhile, in June, the Ford Escort she drove sold for £55,000.

However, one of the largest sums of money paid for an item owned by Diana was £264,000, which is how much Diana’s famous “Travolta dress” sold for in 2019.

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