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Chrissy Teigen mourns death of her ‘beautiful’ dog Pippa


Chrissy Teigen shared a picture with her dog on Instagram.

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American model Chrissy Teigen announced that her beloved family dog, Pippa, has died aged 10 years old.

The 30-year-old model took to Instagram and wrote about her French bulldog, which she shared with her husband John Legend, had passed away in her arms on Thursday, 15 July.

“Our beautiful little Pippa just died in my arms, not long ago,” Teigen wrote, alongside a photograph of her holding her late pet.

“She was 10, I remember picking her up in Gainesville and documenting our trip home.”


Sharing some of her favourite anecdotes about Pippa, Teigen described her as a “sassy broad” who “loved her pearl necklace” and “never took sh*t from ANY new dog”.

Pippa’s death comes three years after the family’s English bulldog, Puddy, passed away in 2018. “I know you’re giving Puddy hell up there. Thank you for giving us your whole life,” Teigen wrote in the caption.

John Legend also paid tribute to Pippa with a post on his Instagram, which showed her wearing her much-loved pearl necklace.

“This [picture] is her living her best life: on the road with her dad, wearing pearls,” he wrote in the caption.

“We got her near Gainesville, Florida so I gave her my best impression of a southern accent whenever I spoke for her.”

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