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‘Bear’ essentials of humane care help baby cub recover


A six-month-old Asian black bear cub named Daboo is seen after being rescued.

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Sometimes, humanity lacks the bare necessities that are so intrinsic to make the badly needed impact. Or make it  'bear necessities,' as in this sad case involving a black bear cub in Pakistan called Daboo.


Pakistani poachers had shot and killed his mother. The poor creature just could not fathom the devastating consequences of losing his mother so suddenly and in such a terrible manner.


More tragedy was awaiting the bear cub. His ears were cut off and he was put in a sack to be sold to baiters.


Thankfully, before he could be packed off to the unscrupulous baddies, he was rescued and taken to an animal sanctuary in Islamabad.


bear12 Daboo is seen at the premises of Wildlife Management Board in Islamabad.


He was in a terrible condition. He was half starving and suffering from skin disease and a nasty ear infection.


Slowly, fed on the bare essentials of care and concern, the poor victim was nursed back to health. Now two months on, Daboo looks a little plump and wearing a glossy black goat.


He plays in his wooded preserve, taking baths and nibbles at food provided for by his carers who try to teach him how to look after himself.


He might be released back into the wild after some time, perhaps a few months. That is, when he turns one.


Fed with the bare essentials of a comfortable living, he can now look forward to a better, if not a bright, future.

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