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Paris gets a taste of pizza-making robots


Pazzi has no intention of trying to replace traditional pizza cooks entirely.

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A restaurant in the centre of Paris offers a unique experience to its customers, as robots instead of the chefs prepare pizza sandwiches.

The robots make at least 80 sandwiches in an hour.

Pazzi, a small restaurant in the Beaubourg district of the French capital, is the second restaurant to open its doors, after a similar restaurant that started in November 2019 in the east of Paris.

pazzi The robots are also seen as an answer to chronic labour shortages in restaurants and food service.

The pizza is ready in five minutes for customers who send orders through an automated machine installed in the place.

After ordering at self-service terminals, clients can watch as the machines flatten fresh dough, spread tomato sauce, add organic vegetables, cheese and other toppings, then whisk the creations into the oven.

sauce-robot Tomato sauce can be seen being applied on the pizza dough by the robot. 

The robot can make up to 80 pizzas per hour at a price of between 7 and 13.6 euros.

The restaurant guarantees product quality (fresh dough, organic vegetables, and cheeses of legally protected types).

The task of the staff in the place is to simplify relations with customers and management of tables. Few are on site, but they do not interfere at all in the manufacturing process.

And restaurant robots aren't just about making pizza. Critter, a robot capable of making burgers and grilling steaks, survived two years in San Francisco before its restaurant closed its doors in June 2020 due to the pandemic.

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