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Creepy footage shows millions of insects swarming gas station in Michigan


A videograb shows mayflies carpeting the doors of a convenience store.

Sakeena Banday, Gulf Today

A horrific video that went viral shows millions of mayflies swarming a petrol station in the US covering doors and windows. The video racked up 11 million views.

A Tiktok user @_ty.leo ealier this week uploaded the video showed the garage engulfed with insects.

The Tiktoker captioned the video that reads: "Never in my life I ever saw this many bugs! Couldn’t even pump gas."

The station can be entirely seen carpeted by the flying bugs covering almost every inch of space.

The filmer opens the door at convenience store at the petrol station and shows millions of bugs covering the doors.

Inside the shop the horrific footage shows mayflies sticking to people's clothes and buzzing around in the air.

gas-station A screenshot shows a petrol pump coated with insects. 

As he heads back outside, hordes of bugs fly around the fluorescent lights above the petrol pump coated with insects.

A small child can be seen swinging his arms to shoo away the bugs while legions of flies blanket the floor he is standing on.

The spine-chilling video garnered thousands of comments.

A user asked, “How are these people walking around like there’s nothing wrong.”

“I wouldn’t even leave my house,” said another.

Mayflies are a common sight around Alabama lakes, including Weiss Lake, during the summer.

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