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Chinese policemen save shepherd’s sheep from ditch


A videograb of the officer trying to save the sheep.

Sakeena Banday, Gulf Today

Several policemen rescued a shepherd’s three sheep after they had fallen into a ditch in a flowing stream of water on the roadside. They were overwhelmed by the gush of water.

The police officers put their lives at risk to save the drowning sheep.

The incident occurred in the county of Wuqia in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The officers slipped and fell during the rescue attempt but successfully saved the sheep.

The policemen were swept nearly a kilometre by the undercurrent of the water before all three sheep were saved.

A policeman was himself hurt while saving the sheep.

sheep-3 The policemen were swept for nearly a kilometre before all three sheep were saved.  

As the sheep fell into the ditch the shepherd called the police and they immediately came to rescue them.

The shepherds acknowledged their efforts and generosity.

“People ask me whether it was worth to risk life to save just three sheep,” said the police officer.

cop-china-new An injured policeman shows his gashes while saving the sheep. 

“But we didn’t think about it at that time,” he added.

The police officers hands were covered in bandages, as they themselves got hurt while saving them.

police-hands A videograb shows the injured hands of the policemen while saving the sheep.

"As a member of CPC and people’s police, we always put the interests of the masses first.

"To prevent certain incidents in the future, as a precautionary measure, the police have set up wire meshes along the ditch."

The heroic act has gone viral on social media and people have been re-sharing the video.

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