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Flying Pikachu: Japanese airline launches new Pokémon-themed aircraft


Pikachu mascots are seen beside a Skymark Airlines plane. Pictures/AFP

Sakeena Banday, Gulf Today

A Japanese airline launched a new Pokémon-themed aircraft featuring Pikachu livery attached to balloons on June 21, 2021.

The first flight of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft is scheduled, and it will operate the route between Tokyo and Okinawa.

pokemon2 Pokémon-themed livery is seen in a hangar during its unveiling at Tokyo's Haneda international airport. 

Japanese carrier Skymark launched the Pikachu-themed airplane at a colourful ceremony featuring Pikachu mascots.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of the Pokémon Company, revealed the new Pokémon-themed livery at Tokyo's Haneda international airport.

pokemon-3 Themed seating on board a Skymark Airlines aircraft.

The aircraft is all painted in yellow and the plane’s exterior design features Flying Pikachu, with some additional cool details such as a Pikachu peeking out of one of the airplane windows.

pokemon-4 Pikachu mascots are seen during the unveiling of new Pokémon-themed livery.

The inside of the airplane has Pikachu everywhere- from headrest design to the amenities served.

pokemon-5 A Pikachu mascot (L) is seen during the unveiling of the aircraft.

The aircraft launch is timed to mark Pokémon’s 25th anniversary celebrations.


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