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Saudi German Hospital – emphasizes the need of adequate levels of vitamin-D to fight covid-19

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A view of the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai.

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The UAE has been amongst one of those Nations that have taken effective measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, with alarming levels of Vitamin D deficiency prevalent in the UAE, the community needs to pay proper attention to avoid serious consequences.

Like many other nations despite being actively involved in the process of defeating this virus. The UAE is thriving each day to find solutions to stop this disease from spreading further. Therefore, the UAE is promoting and encouraging people to pay attention to the Vitamin D levels present in their body as recent and moderns research has concluded that adequate levels of Vitamin D are a primary to fight against the coronavirus.

Dr. Emad Kowatli Consultant Pulmonologist at Saudi German Hospital Dubai said ‘Vitamin D has direct antiviral effects primarily against enveloped viruses and coronavirus is an enveloped virus. Vitamin D can adequately modulate and regulate the immune and oxidative responses to infection with COVID-19.’

Vitamin D has been recognized as essential to the skeletal system and plays a major role in monitoring the immune system, perhaps including immune reactions to viral infection, Dr. Uwe Johannes Nellessen Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon & Head of Department at SGH Dubai highlighted.

Health Researchers and experts in the UAE have confirmed that getting enough vitamin D bolsters keeps the immunity strong and therefore, infections will hardly affect someone who has enough levels of Vitamin D present in their body. Doctors in the UAE are suggesting that Sun is the ultimate source of obtaining Vitamin D naturally and as we have relatively hot weather throughout the year, it is easier to obtain it naturally.

Dr. Sushum Sharma – Specialist Internal Medicine stated Vitamin D is also known as calciferol which is one of the most vital fat-soluble vitamins for health, and therefore, it plays a prominent role in the absorption of calcium and in reducing inflammation.

Dr. Reem Osman – Regional CEO at Saudi German Health said ‘We are committed and contributing our efforts in built healthy community. Therefore, Saudi German Hospital is offering reliable screening and health packages for the examination of Vitamin D levels.

At Saudi German hospital, a competent and qualified team of doctors are supervising patients with low levels of Vitamin D and are also undertaking medical examination tests to determine the Vitamin Levels. This test will not only determine the levels of Vitamin D present in a human body but will also save one from being exposed to the coronavirus if the levels come less adequate in the results.

The goal of this awareness is to completely end the spread of the coronavirus and to protect people against this deadly virus, highlighted Dr. Reem Osman

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