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‘Green’ Batman and ‘Pink’ Mojo Jojo! SCRF allows children unrestricted freedom to explore their own imagination


A workshop on comic characters under way at the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

From handsome superheroes to remorseless villains, the 12th edition of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) is hosting fun filled comic workshops, teaching children how to recreate their favourite comic book characters as they see them and want them – an activity that clearly reflects and celebrates the festival’s theme, ‘For Your Imagination'.

Professional artists, Spaz and Exist, have flown in from Lebanon and will be introducing children to the concept of graffiti art while showing them how a crucial an element it is when it comes to designing comic books.

From teaching participants important aspects of comic book illustration, like the art of drawing shadows or showing them how proportions are extremely important when sketching the face of a character, both Spaz and Exist start each session by trying to tap into why kids like a particular superpower, and what ways they relate to the character they choose before they start working on the illustrations.

sharjah-child The festival will strictly follow all COVID-19 preventive measures in line with UAE safety protocol.

“Everyone these days is into superpowers. We look into their preferences for superheroes and villains based upon what kind of comics or superheroes they enjoy. Is it the colours they wear or their personality? They don’t have to paint the superheroes as they exactly are. We ask them, ‘if it weren’t batman in his black bat suit, what would you imagine him to be?” explains Exist.

With 132 activities taking place exclusively at the Comics corner, the 12th Edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival runs until 29th May, 2021. The Comic Book Workshop is open to children of all age groups. In keeping with COVID-19 protocols, the number of participants has been limited to a maximum of 15 per workshop this year.

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