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Beautiful woman who created social media buzz for leading Egypt’s mummies’ parade identified


Miral Mahilian.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

A woman has been trending in Egyptian social media after the gala parade on Saturday celebrating the transport of 22 of its prized royal mummies from central Cairo to their new resting place in a massive new museum further south in the capital.

Social Media users were baffled with the beauty of the woman who led the procession of transporting the royal mummies.

Ever since people were sharing the woman’s image and asking who is she…?

To answer to the millions of users, Gulf Today can reveal that the beautiful woman who led the procession is Miral Mahilian.

Miral is an Egyptian model, and she is not new to TV screen, but has rather an artistic record of appearing in innumerous commercials and ramps.


Miral was famous for her appearance in commercial advertisements inside and outside Egypt, and she has been working in this field for many years.

Miral Mahilian wrote on her Instagram account, "So proud and honoured to be part of such a historical day. Words cannot describe the feeling of walking along with the great pharaohs at the golden parade 🇪🇬#thepharaohsgoldenparade…”

The ceremony, designed to showcase the country’s rich heritage, snaked along the Nile corniche from the Egyptian Museum overlooking Tahrir Square to the newly opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in the Fustat neighbourhood, where Egypt’s first Islamic capital was located.


Most of the mummies belong to the New Kingdom, which ruled Egypt between 1539 B.C. to 1075 B.C., according to the Ministry of Antiquities.

They include Ramses II, one of the most famous pharaohs, and Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s only woman Pharaoh - who wore a false beard to overcome tradition requiring women to play only secondary roles in the royal hierarchy.

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