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Sophie Winkleman says she wouldn’t cope with ‘intrusion’ faced by Meghan Markle


A combo photo of Meghan Markle (right) and Sophie Winkleman.

Another Hollywood actor who married into royalty has said Meghan Markle’s situation would be her idea of "hell".

'Two and a Half Men' actress Sophie Winkleman married Lord Frederick Windsor, who is the son of one of the Queen’s cousins, Prince Michael, in 2009.

Like Harry and Meghan, the couple subsequently moved to LA, but later moved back to the UK in 2013.

Winkleman played Zoey, Ashton Kutcher’s love interest, in American sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Though tabloid reports have drawn parallels between the Duchess of Sussex and Winkleman, who has two children with Lord Windsor, the 40-year-old actress says she and Meghan are "different people".

PrinceHarry-APInterview Prince Harry and Meghan in conversation with Oprah Winfrey. AP

"I don’t think you can compare us. She’s on a humongous, mega, global scale, and that would be my idea of complete hell," she told Insider.

"I try to help my beloved causes at a very sort of roots level. I try and do it just by spreading the word organically through the people I know."

"But I wouldn’t be able to cope with that level of intrusion for one minute. I’ve never been on Facebook, Twitter, any of it. I don’t like the thought of it," she continued.

fedrick Sophie Winkleman with her spouse Lord Frederick Windsor.

The actress added that her acting colleagues didn’t know about her royal connections.

While Winkleman isn’t a senior royal, she still attends royal family events and has royal patronages.

Prior to marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had a long acting career which began in her early 20s.

The 39-year-old has appeared in programmes including CSI: NY, 90210, and The League.

The Duchess of Sussex is best known for her role in legal drama Suits, which she was written out of due to her relationship with the Duke of Sussex.

Senior royals do not have paid jobs and are instead funded by the treasury.

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