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Palestinian women with hearing impairment make animations

Palestine animation

A sign language interpreter gestures during one of the animation lessons. Reuters

Gulf Today Report 

A group of Palestinian women with hearing loss are using stop motion animation to make short films about their condition to teach children about their condition.

The eight women mentioned having limited career options and are hopeful their animation will not only be a tool of advocacy but bring in income.

They have already produced two short films - one about sign language and another advocating their right to work in Gaza, a place with a 49 per cent rate of unemployment. 

Palestine animation 1 Palestinian woman at one of the animation making lessons. Reuters

The stories, they say, are meant to inspire hearing-impaired people to pursue their own goals despite any obstacles in their way. 

The process of the animation includes the women designing characters, drawing images on paper, shooting the film with their cellphone cameras with the aid of a stop motion application.

Coworkers without hearing impairment do the voiceovers. 

Palestine animation 2 Gaza has 49 per cent rate of unemployment. Reuters

Hiba Abu Jazar, 27, who has enjoyed cartoons since she was a girl, said she was excited to make her own films and to teach others to do the same. She hopes the skill will help her find employment.

The group's trainer, Haneen Koraz, said the project offered the woman a way to promote their cause and pursue their ambitions through art and creativity.


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