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Man parks his car on railway tracks in the UK

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People do all kinds of crazy things. Some of them give headaches to the police force. On Tuesday, a car moved erratically, from side to side, on a road in Nebraska before landing in a ditch and turning turtle. A trooper was tracking the vehicle's movements.

Now police are investigating a “staggeringly stupid” TikTok video showing a car parked on a live railway crossing, this time in the UK.

The clip shows the vehicle dangerously parked in the middle of the tracks at the Oaks level crossing, at Bromleys Cross, in Bolton, and a tripod set up close by, according to the Independent.

The footage is captioned with the question: "Would you take the risk to take the photograph no one else would?"

The video is now being investigated by the British Transport Police and Network Rail.

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Phil James, Network Rail’s North West route director, said: “The danger this person has put themselves and passengers in is sheer stupidity at a staggering level. Trespassing on the railway is a crime, as is endangering the lives of rail users.

“No one should ever trespass onto the railway – so for it to be used as a backdrop for a photoshoot beggars belief. Lives could so easily have been lost by this reckless behaviour and we will be working closely with British Transport Police to make sure the person responsible for the video is brought to justice.”

Inspector Becky Warren from British Transport Police, said: “There is simply no excuse for not following safety procedures at level crossings. The behaviour shown by the individuals in this video is incredibly dangerous and reckless – no picture or video is worth risking your life for.

“Education on using level crossings is essential, which is why we continue to work closely with Network Rail on improving knowledge on the dangers of deliberately misusing them.

"However, we will also prosecute anyone caught committing any offences on or near level crossings in the hope this will make them think twice in future."

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