VIDEO: Brushing your teeth too hard will do more damage than good, says aesthetic dentist Angel Mansoor - GulfToday

VIDEO: Brushing your teeth too hard will do more damage than good, says aesthetic dentist Angel Mansoor


General and aesthetic dentist Angel Mansoor.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter


Too much harshness while brushing teeth does more damage than good, says Dr. Angel Mansoor, a general and aesthetic dentist, in an exclusive Facebook Live interview with Gulf Today in Dubai on Sunday.

Dr. Angel Mansoor, a consultant at the 7 Dimensions Medical Centre in Dubai, is a dentist who strives to provide her patients with quality dental treatment pertaining to both naturally aesthetic and biologically functional needs.


As a certified invasalign provider, Dr. Mansoor highly recommends choosing invasalign in comparison to the traditional method as it is easier, hassle free and looks almost invisible, which ends up giving the patient more confidence on how they look, overall.



She speaks about how other than working faster, invasalign is also a method that is suitable for everyone.


Dr. Mansoor also goes on to dispels some myths that people have regarding general dental care.


She insists on brushing twice a day and not ignoring the use of a dental floss.


The only thing that can be consumed after the night brushing is water, she says.


She also speaks on how not flossing regularly can damage almost 36 per cent of the teeth.


Dr. Mansoor sheds some light on how overlooking regular stains on the teeth can end up in a painful case of plaque or cavity.




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She also insists on getting a panaromic X-ray in every first visit to the dentist as it helps examine the teeth, gums and some hidden issues, which can end up causing damage in the future.


As a dental professional, she strongly believes in prevention and getting her patients to a state of optimal oral health as it portrays one’s overall health, confidence and self-esteem.


Dr. Mansoor, who has a keen interest in all her patients’ wellness, strongly believes that every individual must visit the dentist once in six months to make sure the teeth are healthy.

She works tirelessly to make sure people of all ages have a healthy and good oral hygiene, which will boost their confidence to flash a confident smile, just like her.

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