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Recipe for Pakistan’s famous Sindhi biryani

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Jabeen Adil, Staff Reporter

Biryani is a popular and wonderful rice dish of South and East Asia. This dish is prepared by mixing some special spices, meat and rice. It is often served with yoghurt and salads.

Sindhi Biryani is one of the most flavourful and extremely popular dishes in Pakistan.

It originates from the Sindh province of Pakistan. The correct amount of spices makes it more delicious. If you never tried before here is the recipe.


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Water as required

Salt 1 tbsp or to taste

Basmati rice 500g, half-boiled

Tomatoes, sliced, 3 medium

Onions, 4-5 pieces, fried

Mint leaves, chopped, 1 cup

Fresh coriander, chopped, 1 cup

Green chillies, 3-4

Cumin seeds, roasted and crushed, ½ tbp

Lemon juice, 1 tbp

Chicken, 500g

Red chilli powder, ½ tbsp or to taste

Coriander powder, 1 tbp

Turmeric powder, ½ tsp

Garam masala powder, 1 tsp

Bay leaf. 2 or 3

Ginger garlic paste, 2 tbsp

Oil, half cup

 Yellow food colour, 1/2 tbsp


In a pot, add oil, onion and fry until golden brown, take out half the quantity of fried onion & set aside.

To remaining fried onions, add ginger garlic paste and mix well.

Add chicken and fry until meat changes colour.

Add garam masala powder, green cardamom, cumin seeds, red chilli, turmeric, cumin, and coriander powder, salt, bay leaf and yoghurt. Mix well & cook for 4-5 minutes.

Add tomatoes and mix well.

Add green chilies, green coriander, mint leaves and mix well.

Cover and cook for 6-8 minutes.

Take out half the quantity of cooked chicken and gravy and set aside. Add lemon juice, half boiled rice, boiled potatoes. Add the remaining cooked chicken, fried onion, lemon juice, yellow food colour, fried onion. Then add the remaining rice, cover and steam cook for 10 minutes.



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