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World's deepest diving pool opens its doors for visitors in Poland

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A diver is seen in the deepest pool in the world with 45.5-metre (150-foot) located in Mszczonow. AFP

Jabeen Adil, Staff Reporter

The world’s deepest swimming pool with 45.5-metre (150-foot), opened in the Polish town of Mszczonow, near Warsaw.

The diving pool called Deepspot, filled with 8,000 cubic metres of water more than 20 times the amount in an ordinary 25-metre pool.


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Unlike regular swimming pools, Deepspot complex can accommodate customers despite coronavirus restrictions, as it is considered a training centre that offers courses for divers.

poland swimming 3 Michal Braszczynski poses at the deepest pool. AFP

A hotel with rooms from which guests will be able to watch divers at a depth of five metres is also planned.

"It's the world's deepest pool," Deepspot director Michal Braszczynski,said at the opening day on Saturday.

“The pool will also be used by the fire brigade and the army. There are many scenarios for training and we can also test different equipment," Braszczynski added.

The current holder of the Guinness world record is in Montegrotto Terme in Italy and is 42 metres deep.

poland swimming 1 A diver is seen in the deepest pool. AFP

Around a dozen customers came on the first day, including eight seasoned divers who hoped to pass an exam to become instructors.

"There are no magnificent fish or coral reefs here so it is no substitute for the sea but it is definitely a good place to learn and to train in order to dive safely in open water," said Przemyslaw Kacprzak, a 39-year-old diving instructor.

"And it's fun! It's like a kindergarten for divers!"

The pool took two years to build and cost around 40 million zloty (8.9 million euros, $10.6 million). Some 5,000 cubic metres of concrete were used.

Despite its huge size, the pool however will lose it title soon, as a new 50, meter-deep swimming pool, called ‘Blue Abyss, ‘is set to open in Britain, in 2021

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