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VIDEO: Mother of five becomes Gaza’s first woman taxi driver

Gaza female driver

Naela Abu Jibba, community service graduate who started a women-only taxi service. Reuters

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Naela Abu Jibba, 39, mother of five is the first female taxi driver at the Gaza Strip.

The community service graduate started her taxi business due to lack of work.

Despite being targeted by sexist and ridiculed, Abu Jibba goes out every day to do her work and her all-female clientele keep coming back.

"I get lots of offensive (social media) comments, but the encouraging comments are far greater," she said. "Some say this is a job for men, others say we (women) cause accidents, when the fact is, women are calmer and more careful drivers than men,” she said

Gaza female driver 2

Naela Abu Jibba reflected in a mirror as she drives her vehicle at Beach refugee camp. Reuters

Taxi service which she provides in her off-white Kia while wearing a headscarf and a COVID-19 mask is based on bookings.

According to some of her clients, they feel calmer being driven by her than by men.

Abu Jibba’s vehicle is the only car that bears Al-Mukhtara (Chieftain) taxi service’s livery. 

Gaza female driver 1

The mother of five driving her taxi service vehicle. Reuters

The unemployment rate in Gaza is at 49%, border restrictions imposed by Israel and Egypt make it worse.

Abu Jibba is looking forward to expanding her business, once the pandemic is over.

Gaza strip, home to two million people has recorded 12,000 coronavirus cases and 56 deaths.

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