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Gucci to revisit some of its classic pieces

Gucci 1

A still image taken from the fashion film. Reuters

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Gucci to bring back some of its classic pieces in its latest collection with the hope of increasing sales and reaching a wider audience.

The 1960’s handbags and other pieces will be mixed up with new sneakers and logoed skateboards.

Following the cancellation of Fashion shows due to the pandemic, Alessandro Michele collaborated with US director Gus Van Sant to create a series to showcase the seasonless gender-neutral pieces. 

Gucci 2

A model gestures during the shooting of the first episode of the mini-series. Reuters

According to Gucci, the series will serve as a virtual fashion film.  The seven-part film will be released daily over the course of the week.

The film follows a woman as she goes about her daily routine in Rome.

It has a retro feel with vintage cars and jukeboxes serving as props in different scenes. 

Gucci 3

Actress Silvia Calderoni looks on during the shoot. Reuters

Celebrities like Billie Eilish and Harry Styles made a cameo in the film, all styled in Gucci.

According to a forecast, the luxury industry is expected to rise to 80-85% of the total this year from 60% in 2019.

Gucci numbers are still doing well, it has recorded an operating margin of 30% in the first quarter of 2020 but still not up to par with other luxury brands.


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