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How to boost lung immunity and keep them healthy

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Coronavirus has put the focus back on health and well-being with immunity becoming the buzzword today. As we continue to face challenges imposed by the pandemic and with the rise in air, focusing on lung health cannot be emphasised enough.


This yogic and ancient technique of controlling your breath is extremely beneficial for the lungs, boosting lung capacity. In this method you control the timing, duration and frequency of every breath and hold

 It is very important for the mind to be calm because when we are stressed or anxious, breathing is affected and the respiratory rate goes up. This puts pressure on the lungs. So pranayama will definitely help is staying relaxed and calm.


 Pranayama is ancient technique of controlling your breath. 

Avoid inflammatory foods

Foods that increase mucus in the body should be avoided and foods that help in reducing stress should be consumed more often.

Avoid refined carbohydrates, French fries and other fried foods, soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages, margarine and processed meat. An anti-inflammatory diet should in include theses food, such as tomatoes,olive oil, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fatty fish and fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries and oranges.

Take Supplements

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Just the way we boost our immunity by food, it is also important to boost lung immunity with supplements, which have N-Acetyl Cysteine. N-Acetyl Cysteine is recommended for people recovering from Covid-19 to help with lung recovery.

Avoid Polluted places:

As the lockdown is easing, we are seeing a rise in pollution levels across many cities and regions in the world. While it is almost impossible to avoid pollution, it is best to cautiously stay away from polluted places and if possible.

Wear a mask at all times

This point needs over-emphasis. Wearing a mask is the best way to prevent the virus from entering your respiratory tract.

Avoid/ reduce smoking

Covid 19 is known to have an adverse effect on the lungs and the respiratory system, so if you are in the habit of smoking, it is advisable to reduce your intake of cigarettes or have a protein patch on you.

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