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Coronavirus not stopping Filipinos from four-month-long Christmas celebration

Philippines Christmas

A worker standing next to some festive decorations. AFP

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The Philippines is known for having one of the world’s longest Christmas seasons, celebrations start in September with house and malls decorated, festive tunes hitting the airwaves and calendars jam-packed with parties.

However, the pandemic seems to be a spoilsport for this year’s four-month-long celebration.

The Philippines has banned gatherings, imposed night-time curfews and many other measures to help curb the spread of the virus that has stifled the economy and left so many jobless.

Jose Mari Chan, the crooner of ‘Christmas In Our Hearts’ that usually indicates the beginning of festivities when it hits the airwaves in September, summed the year as a sad one. 

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Lanterns and lit ornaments for sale at a shop in San Fernando. AFP

However, the bleak situation of things is not holding Filipinos back from enjoying the Christmas season. 

Cecilia Moore recounts as she was purchasing festive decorations for her house that Christmas must be celebrated with or without COVID-19, it is the Filipino tradition.

 Moore’s husband lost his job during the lockdown putting a strain on the family’s finances.

She added that decorating her home with colours will help get rid of the gloom hanging over the family.

Although the official Christmas date is in December, there is no explicit reason on why Filipinos start celebrating in September. 

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A woman stands next to festive decoration ornaments at a shop in Manila. AFP

According to sociologist Yellowbelle, the reason might be cultural: they love party.

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, they love to entertain, she added.

For Jeffrey Lopez, maker of festive lights, sales have reached 40,000 pesos a day, doubling during the weekends, just as it was pre-pandemic.

"Nothing, not even the pandemic, can stop the coming of Christmas," he added.




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