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Good grooming helps relationships

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It doesn’t matter how old you may be, being neat and clean affects relationships positively and creates opportunities in life.

The more attention you have paid to your appearance, the more self-confidence you will have. Whether it’s a job interview, an informal get-together or a social event, the more you invest in your self-care, the better you are bound to feel. You may also completely forget to worry about your appearance and pay better attention to others.

Spending time to better your self-image will also make others want to be around you. After all, if you are feeling presentable, you can be spontaneous and meet someone for a quick brunch. Otherwise you may hold back and not go.

No matter how old we are, we are bound to say yes to more fun activities and social events if we feel good about our looks. For some people, this may also be a coping mechanism: When they feel stressed, they may clean or change their appearance. 


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Here are some tips that can help:

1. Men and women both should get their hair done regularly as the hair is a major part of your appearance. Get it cut and coloured to look good.

2. Keep your nails clean and in a decent shape. Having nice hands and feet shows you pay attention to yourself.

3. If you can afford it, hire some help so you can have some time to yourself. You could also assign chores to your teenage children to help.

4. Make sure you have some outfits ironed and at the ready. Imagine if you were called out on a spontaneous trip.

Most of us likely feel guilty when we spend a lot of time on our appearance. But, giving attention to little details makes us feel loved and cared for.

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