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Tips on ways to wear and care for your cloth mask


A cloth mask. TNS.

By now wearing a face mask to control the spread of COVID-19 has comes as second nature to all of us.

The market is flooded with masks made from a variety of fabrics. Among them is the cloth mask, which many individuals prefer for its soft and non-abrasive nature.


Here we bring you tips on how to properly wear and care for a cloth mask:

How to wear cloth face coverings?

Cloth face coverings should:

— Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.

— Be secured with ties or ear loops.

— Include multiple layers of fabric that can shield you from the virus.

— Allow for easy breathing without suffocation.

— Not be worn with the nose exposed over the top of the covering.

— Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.


cloth11 One incorrect way to wear a cloth mask is with the nose exposed over the top of the covering. TNS.


How often should cloth face masks be washed?

Cloth face coverings should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use. 

It is recommended that cloth face coverings be washed after every day of use.


How does one store a cloth mask?

Placing masks in pockets after use should be avoided, as it may get contaminated.

To store or transport, carefully fold the mask so the contaminated outside is folded inward.

Place it in a clean or new paper bag, and perform hand hygiene.


How can one safely clean a cloth face covering?

Machine washing or hand washing should suffice to properly wash a cloth face covering with a regular laundry detergent. 

Hot water is recommended for washing face coverings.


How does one safely remove a used cloth face covering?

When removing a cloth face covering, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and perform hand hygiene, such as washing hands with soap containing alcohol or using a hand sanitizer, immediately after removing.

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