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Experts highlight importance of eggs to boost immunity

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Top poultry experts highlighted the importance of this protein-rich food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The experts got together to discuss the vision forward for the industry and the importance of eggs in diets. Eggs are counted amongst the most economical, accessible healthiest foods across the globe.


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At a webinar hosted by Suresh Chitturi, Chairman of the International Egg Coordination Committee (IEC) discussed case studies and shared business insights about the industry during the new normal.

Suresh Chitturi noted that the egg supply chain remained strong in 2020 and even during the pandemic, egg farmers worked with gusto with their partners to deliver fresh, local, high-quality eggs in India.

Eggs have a positive impact on climate change. Eggs are a key part of diet; they are also affordable animal protein. It is also relatively easy to produce and scale up.

Eggs food 1 Eating eggs can lower the risk of heart disease. File/AP

An interesting panel discussion on "Egg, much more than the perfect protein- An Egg-ceptional Superfood", saw the participants underlining the importance of eggs to keep immunity at a high level to fight COVID.

"Having an egg per day will give sustainable protein of choice for consumers. With 6% of Vitamin A and 6.3 grams of protein in one egg, we consume just 75 calories, the egg is a super protein food for individuals who pursue fitness or maintain a healthy weight," they said.

Studies demonstrate that eating eggs can lower the risk of heart disease in healthy people. Despite containing cholesterol, eggs contain high-density levels (HDL) or 'good' cholesterol. Research shows that people with higher levels of HDL generally have reduced risks of heart disease.

Across the world, IEC continues to devise newer approaches to boost egg availability and consumption.

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