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Jordanian designer debuts 'zero-compromise' streetwear brand 759 in the Middle East

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The brand comprises urban styles catering to both men and women.

Mitchelle D'Souza, Sub-editor/Reporter

Fashion is going through rapid change and adapting to the current times, with smart rather than fast fashion reigning supreme.

This has led to a whole new wave of sustainable clothing, and re-wearing, recycling and upcycling clothes is a trend that's here to stay.

Seven Five Nine (759) is a new start-up fashion line that's cut from the same sustainable cloth.

Founded by upcoming Jordanian designer and enterpriser Fares El Masri, it is an exclusive, limited run, slow fashion premium streetwear brand.

Fares El Masri 2 759 founder Fares El Masri.

Style and sustainability

Comprising timeless urban styles catering to both men and women, the collection consists of a repertoire of understated yet bold selection of T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polo-shirts and caps, with each piece bearing the hallmark of sustainability.

Describing his designs as “effortlessly laidback,” Fares states: “The styles are pretty much straightforward with a few tweaks here and there to really show what 759 is about.” 

The clothes are spun using a combination of light yet durable materials expertly combined to retain longevity whilst remaining adaptable to the wearer.

Embossed sharp lines and geometrical shapes, including the abstract elephant logo known as Felix, are recurring motifs which encapsulate the brand's dynamic identity.

fashion designs 2 The designs are 'effortlessly laidback.'

Fashion laced with art

Born in Germany, Fares’ extensive travels and upbringing spanning multiple countries from Jordan to The Netherlands and South Africa instilled a prejudice-free mindset that formed the basis of his unequivocal outlook for culture and creativity in every aspect of his personal and professional life.

Underlining the importance of blending together art and fashion, Fares states, “This debut collection was more focused on subtlety and practicality as much as possible.

“When things got a bit more colourful with the One-Timer pieces, I wanted make a few references to some of the artwork I am interested in and I think this will remain a main philosophy of 759, to maintain a strong bond between the art and fashion world.”

fashion felix 1 Embossed sharp lines and geometrical shapes, including the abstract elephant logo Felix, are recurring motifs.

'Zero-compromise' policy

All elements of the 759 production process are based around the principles of quality, location, timing and respect and it is these underlying determinants that have led to the brand's proud zero-compromise policy.

An advocate for the #RewiringFashion movement, Fares’ confidence in the brand and zero-compromise policy is driven by the creative forces that have encouraged him to make bold and determined choices that reflect the movement.

These decisions are not only a testament to his own principles, but also to his vision for a brand that is built on pure and simple honesty.

Elaborating on the zero-compromise policy, Fares states: “I am incredibly excited and proud to be launching the 759 brand and am confident that our debut collection will truly bring about a difference to how we understand the industry today.

“There are so many hypes, drops, collaborations and special editions happening around us that it has often become challenging to see the full story behind the label.

“With 759, what you see is what you get and so we are resisting the urge to use conventional marketing avenues and instead rely on the incredible quality, design and honesty that we feel signifies the very best of what the brand has to offer.”

While at this stage the brand's clothes are exclusively available on 759’s e-boutique (, they are in talks with a few locations across Dubai so customers can get a better look and feel of the brand.

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