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The ‘it’ colours for fall 2020

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Models present creations for Dior at the end of the 2021 Dior Croisiere (Cruise) fashion show. File/Reuters

Aisha Hamad AlMidfa

The trendy colours of the approaching season of 2020 have been compiled following the fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. The colours exhume timelessness with a hint of modernity and freshness.

The fall/winter colors of 2020:


It is the winning shade of grey this season, with a cool undertone. It’s a timeless shade as it resembles sophistication and eloquence.

fashion colour 1 A model presents a creation in a fashion show. File

Almond oil

This is a wearable, classic colour that can be incorporated in anyone’s wardrobe. The undertones of almond oil lean towards a warmer hue giving it a softer appeal. It can be described as a warmer off-white shade.

Pale sunlight

Pale sunlight is a charming shade of yellow that is very much so subtle in its exuberance. It is suitable for a daytime outing on the beach or some brunch or even lunch.

fashion colour 2 A model presents a creation for Dior. File/Reuters


Fuchsia is a colour that sparks joy and certainly attentiveness on the runways and the streets. The whimsical hues fuchsia brings to an outfit creates a soulful ensemble. Most of the looks that are sporting the colour fuchsia seem to be monochromatic in nature.

Burnt henna

This colour can be best described as filled with depth and richness. It is a deep shade of red that seems to lean to brown, creating an earthy concoction.

Dress blues

This particular colour can be used as a staple in anyone’s wardrobe as it alludes to a very saturated shade of navy blue. It can be worn in dresses, coats, jumpsuits, pantsuits, and particularly in a velvet fabric which can transform the whole colour.

Aisha is an intern with Gulf Today. She covers the Emirati community, culture, and food.

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