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VIDEO: Whipped strawberry milk: How to make the pink alternative of dalgona coffee


A picture of whipped strawberry milk, alternative of dalgona coffee.

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It may seem like just yesterday whipped coffee was having a moment in the spotlight, but the trendy beverage has already been replaced - by a fruity concoction.

Whipped strawberry milk is the latest food craze, and chances are you’ve already seen the frothy pink drink on your social media feeds.

Fortunately, if you’ve just gotten the knack of Instagrammable dalgona coffee, the good news is the process for making whipped strawberry milk is just as easy.

To make dalgona coffee, otherwise known as whipped coffee, all you need is ground coffee, milk, sugar and water.

For the newest rendition of the photogenic drink, you just swap the coffee for powdered Nesquik, which you whip together with heavy cream and pour over milk.

According to one recipe shared on Instagram by food influencer Valentina Mussi, the recipe requires 1tbsp of strawberry Nesquik and 4tbsp (1/4 cup) of heavy whipping cream.

“Mix it until your arm is numb and serve over cold or hot milk,” Mussi explains.

For this step, you can either use a whisk or a hand mixer - which will make the process slightly quicker.

The result is a frothy pink foam-topped beverage without the caffeine of the original trend.

If you were looking for a less fruity drink, cocoa powder can also be used instead of strawberry, according to Mussi, who suggests using 1/2tsp of cocoa, 1tsp of sugar, and 3tbsp of whipping cream to make a chocolaty version.

Others have also shared versions of the recipe that use matcha or nutella, proving that nearly anything can be turned into a frothy whipped concoction.

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