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Seven activities to pass the time while socially distancing

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Even though it may not seem like that right now, but there are a lot more activities out there other than watching TV or reading books. And while we are socially distancing, we need to figure out some ways to have fun and be productive.

So, if you are bored, here are some at-home activities for you to do.

Have a dance-off

Dancing is a great way to get on your feet, have some fun, shake off the stress and burn off some calories in the process. How about getting your whole family involved? Or better yet, have a virtual dance party with your friends. There are plenty of upbeat songs out there. Move the furniture out of the way and get dancing.

Get your apron on

If you have always wanted to learn how to cook or improve your skills in the kitchen, now is the perfect time to start. You can try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen.

food work 1 You can try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen. TNS

Do a puzzle

Puzzles are not only fun, they’re also a great way to get your mind to focus on something else. They are also the perfect activity to do while listening to a podcast or relaxing music. Plus, depending on the size of the puzzle, you might be at it for a while.

Practice your hobby/passion

What do you love to do, but don’t get to do often because of time? Now is the time to pick up that instrument again or start writing that book or learn that new language. It might be hard to keep up at first, but devoting a little time each day to whatever you want to craft will make a huge difference.


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Organise your space

Since you’re going to be spending a lot more time at home, so you might as well make it a place you’re comfortable in! You don’t have to go full on Marie Kondo, although you could if you wanted, but rearranging some furniture or decluttering your coffee table might make a bigger difference to how you feel about being home than you would think. You might want to dust off your old Pinterest account for this one.

Video chat with friends

Staying connected with loved ones is more important than ever right now. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and other video chatting platforms are great tools we can use to virtually interact with friends and family. You can even get creative and share a meal or watch a movie at the same time. The Chrome extension Netflix Party allows you to watch movies and TV shows in sync with your friends! If you’re itching for a game night, Tabletop Simulator is a platform that allows users to play and create games with other users.

Rest and help others

Something we all need to do during this time is allow ourselves to rest. If you have the means to do so, use this time to take a step back, breathe and take care of your mind and body. Try to help others who are high risk or those who don’t have the luxury of being able to stay home. Maybe a neighbour of yours is part of the vulnerable population and needs help getting groceries. Even giving a call to someone quarantined could brighten their day. As difficult and uncertain as this time is, there are still many ways we can take care of ourselves and those around us.

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