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Dos and don’ts to keep your fashion jewellery lustrous


Deepika Padukone poses with a jewellery piece during a photoshoot.

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In today’s world everybody knows personality is the key to fame and success. From clothes to customized shoes, people love to look unique and beautiful. Among all these accessories, the major focus always remain on clothing, but to complement your wardrobe, fashion jewellery is a must.

Procuring favourite designer fashion jewellery pieces is a prominent part of the modern day woman.

Jewellery defines not only our style but also speaks volumes about us. It enhances our beauty and our look of the day.

Jewellery 1 A jewellery set is on display.


Showing your jewellery some love means storing it with care.

Tips to keep your fashion jewellery rust free:

  • Ensure you take off your jewellery, before bathing, swimming or washing hands.
  • Do not apply cream, lotion or perfume after wearing your jewellery.
  • Humidity and heat are other factors for causing this issue. Avoid keeping jewellery in places like bathroom and kitchen, even for short periods of time.
  • Do not use harsh chemical or household cleaners and take these pieces to professional cleaners, if possible.
  • If you decide to use Sealant Sprays or Cleaning Solutions at home, follow the below precautions. Buy one that is appropriate for the metal used in your jewellery. Do not use this with gemstone or pearl jewellery as the chemicals may cause damage to the same.
  • Avoid using plastic bags, but if you are using these, store your jewellery in low density polythene plastic bags.
  • Do not blow inside the zip lock before storage and ensure the bag is aired out before closing. It's always better to use cloth bags. Also, you can place silica gel sachets in the storage bags to keep any moisture out.
  • Remove the oil and sweat after every use by cleaning with a soft cloth.

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