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Memes can be an ally in tough corona times


A funny meme posted by an Instagram user.

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Humour is a viable and great way to live. It is about seeing the playfulness in life, even when things seem hopeless, it is about choosing to laugh instead of vexing and stressing over life’s absurdities.

Although many may not like the idea of making fun during tough times like world under the COVID-19 attack, millions of people have flooded social media platforms with funny memes, jokes, videos, GIFs and what not to lessen the panic of the pandemic.

As work from home gained momentum worldwide, people have more personal time with their devices, and are busy expressing their feelings in creative, witty ways.


Why would COVID-19 won't do any harm to Hollywood actor Tom Hanks?

"He has already survived a World War, being stranded on an island, being stranded at an airport, a failed moon landing, an emergency flight landing on the river and a ship hijacking," commented a Twitter user, hinting towards his marvellous films like 'Captain Phillips,' 'Cast Away' and 'Sully,' among others.

Another funny Coronavirus post read: "This is your pilot speaking. I'm working from home today."

"Coronavirus won't last long because it was made in China," read one meme.

From TikTok to Facebook, people are sharing videos with their pets around as they work.

"Important questions to ask your pet if you're working from home: Are you at work? Are we working together? Did you forget to wear your pants? Are we co-workers? Are you the employee of the month? Are you my supervisor? Who hired you?" posted one user on TikTok.


The influence of humour on stress has been explored in various researches, especially in the personality and social psychology bulletin.

One recent study in the bulletin found that the tendency to use humour was associated with lower levels of psychological distress, especially under traumatic and distressing situations like the one the world is currently going through.

"You see a coronavirus meme, you laugh at it, your start coughing, you have a sudden urge to travel the world," read a meme.

"Love knows no borders, neither do people with coronavirus," read another.

There is nothing funny about what is a global pandemic but people can relieve some anxiety by posting reasonably acceptable humour online, for others to smile.


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