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British designer Stella McCartney makes animal mascots catwalk for her show


A person wearing a rabbit costume walks with models on the catwalk at the end of Stella McCartney show.

Fashion needs to be comfortable and still stylish. To strike a balance between clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin and clothes that look good but are difficult to breathe in, is very important.


British designer Stella McCartney has always been someone who loves to create clothes that are friendly with the environment.


Her collections have been comfortable, stylish and environment friendly making everyone look forward for her new line every season.


A model presents a creation by Stella McCartney with an animal-inspired collection.


McCartney presented her snug and elegant looks for next winter with a playful twist, as animal mascots including a big white bunny joined models on the runway at the Paris fashion show.


People dressed in fox, crocodile and cow costumes stole the show during the joyous finale, eliciting smiles from A-list guests including Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and actress Shailene Woodley.


McCartney has long been known for her environmentally-friendly approach and was one of the first major designers to shun animal-related products - a cause many others have since taken up, though rarely in such a tongue-in-cheek manner.


"There has never been a time when we have had more hope in ending fashion's use of fur and leather - a practice that is cruel to the animals and harmful to the planet," McCartney said in the show notes.


Models walk the ramp for McCartney during the Paris Fashion Week.


A pioneer in using recycled fabrics, the designer uses vegan leather in her latest collection, including a perforated raincoat and long, amber-brown jackets.


Models showcased fluffy outerwear and comfortable dresses, with many featuring lumberjack and checked prints.


Some coats were even shaggier, and appeared to be clad in mini-dreadlocks.


High-collar cloaks, utilitarian tunics and slouchy suits also made an appearance while McCartney's tailoring mixed feminine and masculine codes in an androgynous and minimalist style.


A model wears a dress with a crocodile belt.


In some of the most ready-to-party looks, McCartney offered silky and fluid gowns embellished with luxurious metallic beaded designs, presented in the corridors of the sumptuous Opera Garnier.


Gold or silver animal jewellery including necklaces and brooches added an eccentric touch to some outfits.




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The Stella McCartney brand has joined forces with French luxury goods group LVMH, after a long-running partnership with the conglomerate's rival Kering.

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