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Video of elderly woman in India talking about Mahatma Gandhi in English goes viral


Screenshots of the viral video.

The British Raj has ended decades ago, but the obsession for English remains even now among millions of Indians.


The demand for English medium schools is very high, so are the number of students queueing outside tutorial institutes teaching how to converse in English.


Even rural women from northern India have cottoned on to the English bandwagon.


The video of an elderly woman speaking in English has gone viral on social media and netizens have been left impressed.


The English of the woman may not be glib, but no matter: net buffs are delighted with her boundless vim and eagerness of the old lady to learn the language of the Old Blighty.


The adorable video was shared by an IPS officer Arun Bothraon on Twitter with the caption, "How many marks out of 10 for the old lady for this spoken English Test?"


"Will be interesting to see how many marks @ShashiTharoor sir is giving to her?" he further added.




The video shows the elderly lady clad in a white shirt and draped in a red saree and her head covered rendering a detailed description of Mahatma Gandhi and his love for non-violence in English.


As the post went viral, Twitterati flooded the social media with their reactions.


A user wrote, "None of us are competent enough to rate her."


Another wrote, "We aren''t worthy of rating her, sir. She''s an inspiration!"



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A post read, "Kya baat hai...Dadi ji toh khel gayi...pure 10/10 le ke gai.... (Wow, grandma. You are a genius, with a perfect 10)”


"Finally a tight competition to @ShashiTharoor," a user remarked.



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