A video of a man using his legs to greet people instead of his hands to save himself from coronavirus, goes viral - GulfToday

A video of a man using his legs to greet people instead of his hands to save himself from coronavirus goes viral


Screenshots of the viral video.

The overwhelming spread of the coronavirus has sent everyone around the world into panic mode.


A video clip of a man, who prefers not to shake hands with his friends but uses his legs instead, has gone viral.


The man could be seen wearing a face mask like many others who are trying to keep themselves safe from the deadly disease.



In the video he comes out of his vehicle and greets his friend.


One of his friends, walking from the other side, is just about to shake hands with him when the latter gesticulates with an affirmative 'no', so his friend realises that it isn't a good idea.


Later, the two make contact with their legs to greet each other instead.


As the man walks ahead, he greets all the other friends in the same manner.


A user, posting the video, wrote "Have heard of Handshake but what LegShake greetings Grinning faceGrinning face!!! #CoronaVirus Outbreak..."


The video has caught the fancy of netizens bemused by the idea of a leg shake to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus infection.




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A user taking to Twitter commented, "An outstanding move."


Another user wrote, "Can we actually just adopt this now and keep it even after #coronavirus is long gone? It's pretty cool."


Yet another user said, "Kick it out."



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