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Agra turns into a fortress as 10,000 policemen guard Trump


Workers plant and install new flowers in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Welcoming the US President Donald Trump to India has managed to turn the historic city of Agra into a fortress.

With heavy deployment of police, paramilitary and special commandos, the city that proudly flaunts one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, doesn't look like what it ever looked before.

A cow and calf walk on the road leading to the historical Taj Mahal, decorated with US and Indian flags.

According to police officials, the state government has deployed over 10,000 policemen along the road, rooftops, road crossings, trees and just about everywhere.

The river police squad has been activated, and it will patrol the river when the water level is increased on Monday.

The state irrigation department has discharged copious quantities of fresh water from canals of the Ganga to fill up the river Yamuna in Agra, to make sure Trump is not put off by visual pollution and the stink in the holy river.

Indian policemen take a selfie on a street decorated with floral arrangements in Agra.

Officials said the water from Gokul barrage will reach Agra on Monday afternoon.

"This is the first time that such an arrangement has been made. We wish the Yamuna river remained full of water round the year," said Shravan Kumar Singh of the River Connect Campaign.

Following the visit of the US First family here, the city has got a massive facelift.

Indian folk dancers rehearse for their performance next to a billboard.

The administration has put up huge billboards, placards, cutouts and several posters welcoming the US President and his wife Melania.

The 13 km-long route from the airport to the aj Mahal has been spruced up aesthetically and the US and Indian flags have been put up at roundabouts to give the area a festive look.

At many places on the route, the administration has made several statues of animals with flowers.


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The walls have been adorned with paintings reflecting the Brij culture and architectural heritage of Agra, Victorian-style lampposts have been installed and the lawns of the iconic Taj Mahal bedecked with colourful blooms as the historic city gears up to welcome the US President.

According to the administration, over 3,000 artists at 21 different locations will perform for the US President to welcome him to the city of love and at the airport over 250 artists will give a special performance highlighting the culture of Uttar Pradesh like Brij, Awadh, a special performance on Lord Krishna, dance-themed on Radha and many others.






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