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Here’s a sneak peek into the New York Fashion Week from the streets


Taylen Biggs, 6, poses for photos outside of a show during Fashion Week.

Children these days are ultra-savvy. Thanks to increasing exposure to such mediums as the Internet, they are proving that they are much smarter than middle-aged baby boomers. They are very fashion-conscious too, and in their own way can be potential trendsetters.

Take a look at Taylen Biggs. She is barely six years old, and one would expect her perhaps to be wearing a school uniform carrying a satchel of books. But lo, and behold, she is kitted out in a cool, trendy outfit at the New York Fashion Week, with sunglasses, striking awesome poses, making many heads turn in the process. Plus, hold your breath, she is on Instagram, swaying the opinion of her fans.


But that's what New York Fashion Week is all about – it brings the whole world's attention on itself as it sets the trend of what’s in vogue for everyone to follow.


Photographer Karston Tannis, right, works outside a show during Fashion Week.


Now it offers a different look into the world of fashion. Fashion that rises from the streets of New York.


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Giving a glimpse of what fashionistas look like off the ramp and how they carry themselves in the real world, the list of fashion influencers are no less than fashion icons, but straight from where it all begins, from the streets.


Fashion journalist Andre Leon Talley walks outside a show during Fashion Week.


Vogue's former editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley was present at the New York Fashion Week, which is just as much fun on the streets outside the shows as the gatherings indoors.


Fashionistas wait in line to enter a show during Fashion Week.

Associated Press photographer Mark Lennihan captured some of the sidewalk action as the frenetic week of fashion shows wound down in New York and industry influencers, buyers and media move on to the next round, London Fashion Week that begins on Saturday.


Argentine designer Mery Garavilla and Cici Celia pose for a photo.

Lennihan also captured some of the dazzle in model Lameka Fox's belted fur coat. Harlem fashion legend Dapper Dan snapped photos with fans dressed in a yellow print bow tie and matching scarf.


Sabrina-Anne Sarpong, founder of British media platform DSTNGR, poses for photographers.

Talley, of course, wore one of his signature caftans emblazoned on the back with "Gucci” in honour of Dapper Dan's collaboration with the brand.


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