A photo of an alligator swimming across a river with its young ones on its back, goes viral - GulfToday

A photo of an alligator swimming across a river with its young ones on its back goes viral


The viral photo of the alligator with its kids is seen.

Everyone loves their dad, but here’s a picture that shows the responsibility and the effort a father shoulders, even if it is an alligator.


A picture of an alligator swimming across the Chambal river with its young ones on its back is doing the rounds on social media and has sparked a wave of reactions among the people on Twitter.


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The photo was shared by an IFS officer, Parveen Kaswan, with the caption: "The most attentive #father in the town !! Picture captured by Dhritiman Mukherjee where a #Gharial is taking kids across the #chambal river. Conservation efforts are helping this species to bounce back. And when we talk about river #conservation we are also talking for their future."


A screenshot of the viral photo shared on Twitter.


As the post went viral, Twitterati fell in love with it.


A user wrote: "A responsible parent...Teaching so many lessons in just one image."


Another wrote: "Nature makes for a beautiful subject. How well captured. Parenting is so intrinsic irrespective of species. Endearing."


"Growing crocodile is legalised in Australia for commercial purposes. Their number shot up. Why can't India think in that manner?" asked one user.


A user remarked: "It's a marvellous picture of love and affection, unparalleled."



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