A photo of an orangutan offering help to a man stuck in snake-infested water, goes viral - GulfToday

A photo of an orangutan offering help to a man stuck in snake-infested water, goes viral


The viral photo shared by the photographer Anil T Prabhakar on his social media account.

We all know love knows no boundaries, but here’s something that will make you realize the power of a good act, even if that means, it’s from an animal.


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A recent picture of an orangutan offering a helping hand to a man stuck in snake-infested water is taking rounds on social media as netizens go gaga over the gesture.


In the picture, an orangutan could be seen stretching his hand, to help out a man stuck in snake-infested water.


According to media reports, this picture was reportedly captured by amateur photographer Anil Prabhakar.


The moving encounter between the orangutan and the man has melted hearts all over the world.


A user wrote "An animal giving a thousand lessons to the human beings who mostly keep stabbing on the back of those who help them in their times of distress.


The warmongers, messengers of hate around must read this and look at their own faces in mirror."


Posting heart emojis another user commented "What a moment!"


Another wrote "Such loving creature"


"Need a hand? What an incredible moment!" said a user.


A user further said "How sad is it that an orangutan has to show us the 'superior' race how to conduct ourselves and show compassion"


Giving the message of respecting animals, a user said "Yet again animals showing kindness and respect to animals!"


"Amazing, yet we underestimate animals all of the time," wrote a user.


A user said, "What an Amazing Soul! Humans wouldn't help him they are cutting all his trees and taking his Environment away!"



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