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Kerala bride dances to wedding venue in viral video


A combo image shows the bride Anjali dancing at her wedding ceremony.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

A Kerala bride has taken her wedding ceremony to a different level when she danced her way to the marriage venue with an entourage of dancers. 

The groom and guests at the wedding hall were shellshocked to see what was happening.  

A one-minute, 8-second video of the incident went viral.

Karan Kapoor, a motivational speaker, consultant and astrologer, filmed it and shared it on Twitter.

He wrote, “Be prepared folks. This is Year 2020. Brides will no more be shy or coy on their big days. See how a bride makes her entrance for her wedding in Kannur,  Kerala.”

The video shows the bride in a red saree, grooving to popular tunes to the surprise of everyone, instead of walking demurely to the venue. 

The bride has been identified as Anjali.

According to sources, the bride kept on dancing till she reached the podium where the would-be groom, Varun was waiting along with other family members.

The incident took place at the CR auditorium in Kannur.



Twitterati erupted with joy on seeing the video, which as of Wednesday garnered over 99,000 views.

Nikhil Sharma said, “True. It’s a moment to be enjoyed and be merry. I don’t agree with the hackneyed version when the bride has to be sorry leaving her parents. She never goes away, rather, in most cases, the bond grows only stronger. As it should be…”

Sujaya Kapoor said, “Punjabi style wedding virus spreading across globe.”

A Twitter user said,  “After seeing all this it seems I should marry now…”

Well, not all were quite happy about the dance. Some criticised it and gave it a different spin.

Bhanu said, “What could be more disgusting than this?” 

Abhilash Goud said, “Weddings have become dance performance podiums & entertainment events, fellow friends are contesters & guests have become the judges of this competition!!”




A user with the name “Globe Jamun” said, “Won't be possible in Hindi Belt. Even educated people come with backward mentality…”

Gulf Today spoke to Karan Kapoor about his opinion on the incident.

Karan said, “I loved it... Every lady should have independence and should be allowed always to celebrate the most important day of their life the way they want... It's a personal choice... I am not at all against the traditional way of entrance of bride and customs followed for centuries... But this new trend which is happening at weddings now is not bad if done properly and in a perfect elegant way... Just like the lady did in this video… Beautifully, elegant and in a perfect way... That's how it should be for a bride…”

The pessimist will always find a negative way to look at things. But for the rest, and the bridegroom, the event should be enjoyed and cherished.

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