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Turkey stroganoff recipe gives tangy blend of flavors

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Turkey Stroganoff with Egg Noodles. TNS

Turkey stroganoff, an old Russian standby, can be made with turkey breast meat or leftover homemade cooked turkey. If you use cooked turkey, add about 2 cups at the end of the recipe. This will allow it to warm through in the sauce. The mixture of mushrooms, tomato paste and mustard gives the stroganoff sauce a tangy blend of flavors and a thick texture. It tastes even better the next day. If you have time, double the recipe and save the extra for another quick dinner.

Helpful Hints:

Diced fresh onions can be found in the produce section of the supermarket.

Any type of mushrooms can be used.

Use a skillet that is just big enough to hold the meat in one layer. The sauce will boil away in a larger skillet.


Place water for noodles on to boil.

Make stroganoff.

Make noodles.

Shopping List:

3/4 pound boneless, skinless turkey fillets 1 container fat-free, 1 container fat-free, unsalted chicken broth, 1 small can tomato paste, 1 small jar Dijon mustard, 1 container reduced-fat sour cream, 1 container fresh diced onion, 1/2 pound sliced button mushrooms, 1 bunch parsley (optional) and 1/4 pound fresh egg noodles.

Staples: olive oil, black peppercorns.


3/4 pound boneless, skinless turkey fillets

2 teaspoons olive oil, divided use

1 cup fresh diced onion

3 1/3 cups sliced button mushrooms, (1/2 pound)

3/4 cup fat-free, unsalted chicken broth

2 tablespoons tomato paste

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon reduced-fat sour cream

Freshly ground black pepper

2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley (optional)

Slice turkey into 1/4-inch strips. Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Brown turkey, about 2 minutes. Remove to a plate. Add second teaspoon oil and onion. Saute 1 minute. Add mushrooms and continue to saute for 2 minutes more. Add broth, tomato paste and mustard. Mix thoroughly. Simmer 2 to 3 minutes. Taste. You may need to add a little more mustard. There should be a delicate blend of flavors. If using cooked turkey, add it now. Return the turkey to the sauce and add sour cream and black pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly. Serve over egg noodles. Sprinkle with parsley (optional).

Yield 2 servings.

Per serving: 330 calories (29% from fat), 10.5 g fat (1.9 g saturated, 3.3 g monounsaturated), 93 mg cholesterol, 47.6 g protein, 16.1 g carbohydrates, 3.9 g fiber, 346 mg sodium.


1/4 pound flat egg noodles (about 2 1/2 cups)

2 teaspoons olive oil

3 tablespoons water from noodles

Freshly ground black pepper

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add the noodles. B oil 10 minutes. Remove 3 tablespoons cooking liquid to a mixing bowl and add oil to the bowl. Drain noodles and add to the bowl. Add pepper to taste. Toss well.

Yield 2 servings.

Per serving: 259 calories (24% from fat), 7 g fat (1.3 g saturated, 2.9 g monounsaturated), 48 mg cholesterol, 8.1 g protein, 40.6 g carbohydrates, 1.9 g fiber, 12 mg sodium.

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