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VIDEO: Pakistan through the eyes of an Emirati vlogger


Khalid Al Ameri poses for a photograph in front of Islamabad’s Faisal Mosque.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Pakistan’s travel industry is thriving. Pakistan is one of the top 10 under-the-radar travel destinations for 2020, according to Forbes Magazine.

With the improved security situation in the country, many foreign travellers and vloggers have put Pakistan on top of their travel bucket list.

Khalid Al Ameri, a famous Emirati vlogger, fell in love with Pakistan and its people during his recent trip to different areas of the country.

In his social media post Khalid said after arriving in the country, “I’ve just landed in Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m so excited to be here and tell stories about this beautiful country and people.”

Khalid-Al-Ameri-Smile Khalid Al Ameri shares his photograph from a market in Islamabad.

After a couple of days, an excited Khalid said on Facebook, “I have fallen in love with Pakistan and its incredible people, this is why…

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this trip is don’t always believe what the media tells you about a country or a community, visit yourself, see for yourself and more often than not you will be surprised by the kindness, beauty and hospitality you will experience.

“Pakistan Zindabad, much love and God bless.”