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Need pizza? Use an ATM!


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Pizza is lifesaver for busy students, which is probably why there this new ATM on the campus of the University of North Florida is loved by many.

The future of college late night cravings and dining has arrived at UNF where the campus unveiled its new 24-hour pizza ATM this semester.

What’s more is that it promises no overdraft or extra cheese fees!

If the UNF Osprey lifestyle wasn’t saucy enough to attract new students, it might be now.

Pizza ATMs are nothing new to the world as they’ve been used in Europe for the last 15 years, according to the ATM’s website,

Last year, Ohio State University announced its Pizza ATM, according to the Columbus Dispatch; but this appears to be the first Pizza ATM at a Florida university.

The ATM holds up to 96 pies in a cold storage unit behind the interface.

Hungry students can use a touch interactive screen on the ATM to order a pre-cooked pizza and add toppings to it.

A robotic arm then selects the desired pizza, places it into a convection oven and cooks it for about three minutes.

After, the pizza is placed into a box and released to the customer.

Tribune News Service

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