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Learn about the latest eyebrow and eyelash trends from Dubai-based beauty expert Aidai Aibashova


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Mitchelle D’Souza, Sub-editor/Reporter

You can trust Aidai Aibashova for your eyebrows and eyelashes without a shadow of doubt — she has been in the business since 2012.

Her loyal client base absolutely swears by her transformative eye work.

Fascinated with make-up and all things beauty-related from a tender age, Aidai landed on the shores of Dubai from Kyrgyzstan as a lash and nail technician.

It was at her job in Dubai where she “understood that lashes can actually empower woman and motivate them.”

Her introduction to the brow world began with her stint at Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Bar, wherein she was armed with lessons on brow mapping, a technique that is essential in shaping your eyebrows.

“A lot of enlightening and growing was done during these two phases of my life.

“I wouldn’t have been where I am right now had I not had the right amount of experiences and lessons,” Aidai emphasises.

With all of her experiences and skills in tow, Aidai opened her very own salon dedicated to eyelashes and eyebrows called Lash & Brow Station, which is located in Jumeirah Plaza Mall, Dubai.

We chatted with the talented beauty professional as she brought us up-to-date with the latest lash and brow trends, techniques and products.

Aidai Aibashova

How important are brows as a facial feature?

Brows are the frame of the face and it can give you a non-surgical eye lift/face lift instantly.

I think a lot of women in this region know how important it is to have a good brow professional in their lives.


What does Lash & Brow Station do?

As our name suggests, our speciality lies in eyelashes and eyebrows.

We specialise in enhancing lashes, the windows of your soul.

We do individual lashes, 2D 3D volume, Kardashian, Doll Eye, Wispy, Hollywood and many more techniques.

For brows, the first step in improving the quantity and quality of them is brow mapping and then with a special painless facial wax we groom the brows.

It sounds pretty simple, but once you come in you’ll see how it’s more of an art than technicality.

We are working on a lot of other things starting soon; we will keep you posted on our instagram page @lashnbrowstation.


How do you’ll help people transform their lashes and eyebrows?

We wax, tweeze, pluck and extend your lashes to accentuate your eyes and face.

The fact that you can enhance, transform and boost your confidence with just the right amount of grooming is really amazing.


What is a lash lift?

In plain words, a lash lift is basically a perm for your lashes.

So the process is pretty simple. We have custom moulds for all types of lids and eyelash lengths.

We set the shape of your natural lashes using a lifting solution, so you get this nice permanent lifted and curled natural look.

Simple and beautiful, it lasts for two months approximately.

A picture demonstrating eye transformation after a lash extension.

What are the latest brow trends?

The most popular trend now is brow lifting, to give it a more feathery look.

It is the most demanded brow treatment we have at present.

There is a downside to this trend however.

It is not advisable for a person with gaps in their eyebrows and downward growing-hair to get this treatment done.


Thick or thin, what brows do you prefer?

My preference is based on my canvas (clients) and what suits them best.

I work according to my clients’ features and needs.

I want them to be happy and at the same time I always put in my recommendations on what would better suit them.

I am however a sucker for thick brows.


How can one get thicker, fuller brows?

We have some products here at Lash & Brow Station that are really effective and have amazing results and reviews.

The highly recommended ones would be Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum, and Nouveau Lashes Enhance Mascara.

Both of these products can be used on lash extension and natural lashes or lifted ones.


What do you have to say about the brow trends of laminating and microblading? Are they good?

A lot of the new trends coming up here now have been done a long time ago back home, but I’m glad it’s gaining popularity here too.

It gives us a lot more freedom and options to work with.

Brow lamination is a lot more in demand since the trend for feathery and a thicker, fuller natural look is in now and it’s quiet safe.

I do, however, recommend avoiding microblading if you’ve got less brow growth and moderate visibility.

That being said, it really depends on what it is you like. It varies from person to person.